Sponsor a brick Appeal for “Snehalaya - the home with love”

"Snehalaya”, meaning “Home with Love” in Hindi, is being developed in phases as a care home for poor, disabled and destitute children, home less women and the aged, where they live together and care for each other as a family. The organisation will provide the care including nursing and medical facilities to those who need or who can not care for them selves. Snehalaya will include a school for children with special needs, health and vocational training centre with aims to make these children independent as much as possible. A Multisensory room has been prepared in the school to provide such care to these children as required. As far as we know this is the first and only place in whole of the state or perhaps in whole India, where a multisensory room will be available to provide required care in stead of conventional cruel methods as adopted in most of the places. These facilities will be open to provide education and medical care to the people in local community too. Snehalaya will also have facilities for play, Yoga, Counselling, Meditation, gymnasium, rehabilitation, gardening and farming.

“Our long time dream came true on 23rd Aug. 06 with opening of “Snehalaya, the home with love” at the hands of Mayor of Gwalior, famous film celebrity Mr. Tom Alter and many dignitaries from India and abroad as well many volunteers for its first phase with five cottages, a community centre, school for special needs, multi-sensory room, meditation room under a waterfall with its own farms, gardens and Orchards spread out over an area of 15 acres. Since then a rose garden has been developed around Dr. Meena Sharma Memorial in the premises and a thirty bedded Dr. Meena Sharma Memorial Primary Care Rural Hospital has been started there on 23rd Aug.07 within the campus of Snehalaya. We decided to name these facilities in the memory of Meena as it was made possible to bring up Snehalaya only with support of Dr. Meena Sharma Memorial Foundation initiated with the estate left by Meena as per our wishes and full support of our children Juhi and Vivek.

At present there are 70 residents in Snehalaya including 38 children, mostly with disabilities and or sickness, where all live together as a family. Five more cottages are under construction expected to be ready by May 08, when we will be able to take 40 more disabled and destitute children there. It also has a poultry, bird house, Cow shed (Gaushala) with its gardens, farms, orchards spread out in an area of 20 acres now. Our target for this year to complete by next year are to complete five more cottages and to establish the school with vocational training facilities for 500 children esp. for girls from surrounding villages, who remain un-educated otherwise undergoing oppression all their life. When completed in few years time, Snehalaya will have residential capacity for 200 children with its own hospital and an integrated school with vocational training facilities. All these services and facilities are open to local community and the people from surrounding villages for day care and or respite care as well to provide for the health care and educational needs.

To complete this work our “Sponsor a brick appeal” continues, whereby £5 or $10 or equivalent in any currency pays for one brick with your name on it. £1500 or $3000 will pay for a room and £5000 or $10,000 will provide for a house to accommodate 10 children with their carer parents or consider sponsoring any part of this work as per your preferences. We will be happy to place a plaque with the name of your choice as its sponsor. We also look for sponsors to contribute towards sponsoring individual children in Snehalaya. As per “sponsor a child appeal”, just £20 or equivalent in any currency per month will pay for total maintenance of a disabled child there including home, food, clothes, education and health care with an opportunity to become independent or same can be done for £2000 once in life time. Please help us to provide a new life with happiness and dignity to these children in India. For any questions or further information please write to gwalior.hospital@care4free.net

Please contact by phone/fax/email or write to for any questions or further details-

Gwalior Childrens Hospital Charity (Help Children of India)
Regd. Charity No. 1063694,
14, Magdalene Road, Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 3TA(U.K.)
Tel. +44 (0)1922 629842 Fax. +44 (0)1922 632942
Email: Gwalior.Hospital@care4free.net
For updates please visit www.helpchildrenofindia.org.uk

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