Appeals and donations

1. We need to raise £10000 per month to support our cost of maintenance and continuation of the ongoing services in Gwalior and Chambal region to help and provide for poor, needy, destitute, disabled, Underprivileged and vulnerable people esp. children, women and old. This includes Gwalior Hospital for Children and Women, Gwalior Ophthalmic Centre, Gwalior mobile hospital "A real hospital on Wheels" with its rural health centres and sub centres, Sunrise International School initiated as main stream school with special needs group(for integrated education), education and health care facilities for 981 children being supported through our programme in various orphanages, schools in slum areas, schools for blind, deaf and dumb children, Roshani, Mother Teresa's home, other poor, disabled and destitute children on the streets.

Hospital Patients
Patients waiting to be seen

School Pupil
A pupil at the Sunrise International School

2. We want to expand these services at the hospital making it 200 bedded hospital with more beds and specialised units like stroke and cardiac centres with physiotherapy and rehabilitation units etc. We want to work in more villages in remote areas through Gwalior mobile hospital to provide health education and essential medical services to the poor, underprivileged and vulnerable people at their door steps, which they can not get for lack of transportation facilities, illiteracy, unawareness or poverty. All for a total cost of one million, £500K more.

Please donate online now or contact for further information and details-
14, Magdalene Road, Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 3TA (U.K.)
Tel. 0044 1922 629842 Fax 0044 1922 632942

3. 3. Integrated School for 500 children in Snehalaya- We currently run a school for children with special needs with vocational training centre for 40 children in our “Snehalaya, meaning the home with love” at present. Expansion for second phase with construction of five more cottages for 40 more children will be complete by May 2008. Our present school will be able to provide for these added children in Snehalaya but not any more, however we want to establish an integrated school for 500 children on site in Snehalaya to provide education to the girls from surrounding villages as well to the resident children in Snehalaya, who remain un-educated otherwise undergoing oppression all their lives.  

This year we will like to start construction of the building and establish this school as planned for third phase of Snehalaya to provide education for the resident children in Snehalaya as well for children from surrounding villages especially for girls from age six to eighteen with facilities for vocational and small scale industrial training. We intend to motivate parents to send their daughters to our school where they will be provided with food, uniforms, books along with education and vocational training as well incentives for starting an independent life on completing the school education. The total cost of this school project is £125,000. We have raised £35,000 so far and seek generous considerations and support from you to complete this school.

4. Snehalaya, hospital and hospice all at a cost of just £500K-  At present there are 70 residents in Snehalaya including 38 children, mostly with disabilities and or sickness, where all live together as a family. It also has a poultry, bird house, Cow shed (Gaushala) with its gardens, farms, orchards spread out in an area of 20 acres now. Five more cottages are under construction expected to be ready by May 08, when we will be able to take 40 more disabled and destitute children there.

Since opening of Snehalaya- the home with love, on 23rd Aug.06, our hospice has been merged into Snehalaya, where all children live together as a family enjoying normal childhood undergoing education, care and treatment without any discrimination or isolation as required.

The thirty bedded hospital exists on site too to provide required health care services to the residents in Snehalaya as well for the people from surrounding villages. Our target for this year to complete by next year are to complete five more cottages and to establish the integrated school with vocational training facilities for 500 children. When completed in few years time, Snehalaya will have residential capacity for 200 children with its own hospital and an integrated school with vocational training facilities. All these services and facilities are open to local community and the people from surrounding villages for day care and or respite care as well to provide for the health care and educational needs.

To complete this work our “Sponsor a brick appeal” continues, whereby £5 or $10 or equivalent in any currency pays for one brick with your name on it. £1500 or $3000 will pay for a room and £5000 or $10,000 will provide for a house to accommodate 10 children with their carer parents or consider sponsoring any part of this work as per your preferences. We will be happy to place a plaque with the name of your choice as its sponsor.

We also look for sponsors to contribute towards sponsoring individual children in Snehalaya. As per “sponsor a child appeal”, just £20 or equivalent in any currency per month will pay for total maintenance of a disabled child there including home, food, clothes, education and health care with an opportunity to become independent or same can be done for £2000 once in life time. Please help us to provide a new life with happiness and dignity to these children in India.

Just £10 per month will provide the life with love and happiness for such a child i.e. just £120 for whole year. Is it too much? Less than cost of a daily tabloid news paper! Just think, it will provide home and happiness to a disabled child on streets with an opportunity to achieve a life as an independent person with self respect and esteem. We desperately need funds and sponsors to carry on with these services and expand upon this work as envisaged to help the poor, underprivileged, the vulnerable and to establish the orphanage with centre for vocational training and rehabilitation for disabled and destitute children on streets. Please donate now.

Street woman with disability

Street Children

Donations or help can either be made by:

  • Cheques, postal orders or CAF Vouchers payable to "Gwalior Children's Hospital ". Please fill in the donation form and send it to us.
  • Electronically - you can donate on line by Credit/Debit cards or CAF Cards right now.

Postal address for sending cheques or for any more details or further information:
Gwalior Children's Hospital Charity,
14, Magdalene Road,
WS1 3TA.
Tel.(+)44 (0)1922 629842 Fax. (+)44 1922 632942
24 hr. answer service: 01922 616316
You can also visit

A Non Profit Non Government Organisation with Tax Exempt Status with Tax Benefits to the Donors in U.S.A., U.K., and India, in association with Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable trust, Gwalior health and Education Society and American fund for charities.

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