The Organisation and team in U.K

Gwalior Childrens Hospital (Disabled Children of India) no.1063694

The Rev. John Bradley----------- The Patron

The Trustees
1. Mr. Charles Drace-Francis CMG--------Chairman
2. Dr.B.K.Sharma- Founder Trustee and Secretary
3. Mrs.Lynda McShane-------------- Trustee- treasurer
4. Dr.Juhi Sharma-------------------- Trustee-member
5. Mrs.Veena Ananth Padmanabam-- Trustee-member
6. Mr. Vivek Sharma ----------------- Trustee and member
7. Dr. Michael Manarkattu ----------- Trustee and member
8. Miss Bonny Squair ----------- Trustee and member

Accounants and Auditors-- Y.Malik & Co.

1. Dr.Anwar-Ul-Haq--------------- Ophthalmic services
2. Dr.Margaret Garman----------- Community services(Primary care)
3. Dr.Richard Levin---------------- Paediatric Services
4. Dr.Ann Whitfield---------------- Anaesthetic Services
5. Ms.Amanda Nelson------------- Theatre/ Nursing services
6. Mr. Michael Binnie --------------- School & Orphanage
7. Mr. Ronald Carleton --------------- PR and fund raising.
8. Miss Katie Elliot --------------- PR and fund raising.
9. Dr. Neil Sikka ------- Dental services
10. Mr. Alan Whybrew ------- Fund raising and publicity representative in Isle of Man
11.Caroline Regan- Occupational therapist coordinator.
12. Amy Slater- Physiotherapist coordinator.
13. Chris Shaw- Play Specialist coordinator.
14. Cate Begbie- Special need teacher coordinator.
15. Linda Nevin-Drummond- Instructor and trainer special need educational needs.
16. Olivia Hoare-----Montessori teacher among advisors for Gwalior Childrens Hospital in UK

Overseas advisers
16. Dr.Y.Chaturvedi (U.S.A.)------- Volunteers & fundraising
17. Mr.Ian Foster (Australia)------ PR- fundraising & publicity
18. Dr. R.K.Srivastava (India)------ NGO promotion- coordinator

Contact for further details or querries
Dr. B.K.Sharma,
14, Magdalene Road,
Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 3TA (U.K.)
Tel. +44 (0)1922 629842 Fax. +44 (0)1922 632942

The Organisation and team in India

Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable Trust and
Gwalior Health and education Society.
(Charity no. 5/96-97/B-113(i) M.P. India)

1. Dr.B.K.Sharma--------------------------- Founder trustee-chairman
2. Mr. Vivek Sharma----------------------- Trustee
3. Mr.Brijendra Dwivedi------------------- Managing Trustee-treasurer
4. Dr.Juhi Sharma-------------------------- Trustee-member
5. Mr.Madhukar Rao---------------------- Trustee-legal adviser
6. Mrs. Vandana Pande ----------- Trustee and member

Accountants and Auditors--- Sanjay Jain & associates

Advisers to trust and members of management committee
all trustees as given above and
1. Prof. B.Shukla------- Member Ex Director Ophthalmic Services, President Indian Ophthalmic Society.
2. Dr. L.P.Mathur------- Member- Ex. Director health services,M.P.
3. Prof. P.C.Jain-------- Member- Author and Ex Prof. literature
4. Prof.H.S.Saraswat- Member- Ex professor & Mathematician I/C rural health programme.
5. Dr.D.K.Jain---------- Member- Asstt.Prof.Child Psychology.
6. Mr.R.K.Sharma----- Member- I/C School & Orphanage programme
7. Dr.R.K.Srivastava- Member -NGO promotion.
8. Prof. U.C. Gaur ------ member promotion & publicity

Administration and Volunteer Coordinator-- Mr. T.R. Narayanan, Mr. Sanjay Joshi & Dr. P. K. Chatterjee
Accounts-- Mr. Vikas Saxena

Snehalaya – the home with love

Gwailor Health and Education Society
(regd. no. 8004)

Dr. B.K Sharma President
Mr. Bhojraj Singh Vice President
Mr. R.K Sharma Secretary
Mrs. Sarita Sharma Treasurer
Mrs. N.D Sharma Member
Mrs Usha Rudra Member
Mr. Dhananjay Dwivedi Member

Snehalaya Charitable Trust

Dr. B.K Sharma Founder And Chairman
Mr. Vivek Sharma Nominee Chairman
Mr R.K Sharma Trustee Secretary
Mr B Dwivedi Trustee Treasurer
Dr. Juhi Sharma Trustee Member
Mrs N.D Sharma Trustee Member
Mrs. Lynda Mcshane Trustee Member
Miss Bonny Squair Trustee Member
Mr T.R Narayanan Finace And Accounts- Coordinator
Mr Sanjay Joshi Adminsitrator
Dr. P.K.Chatterjee (Retd. principal)
Accountants And Auditors Sanjay Jain And Associates

Our Team Of Advisors And Consultants
Prof B Shukla
Prof. R.L.S Sengar
Prof. H.S. Saraswat
Dr. R.K. Shivastava
Dr S.D. Sharma
Mrs Mansi Joshi
Dr. Razdaan And Dr Sakpal (Psychiatrists)
Dr. R.A. Singh (Speech Therapist)
Dr. Ahuja (Ent Specalist)
Dr. D.K. (Child Psychologist And Counsellor)
Dr. Sapra (Paediatrician)
Dr. Kuldeep Saxena (Skin Specialist)

Teachers in Snehalaya
Mrs. Usha Madhukar
Ms. Preeti Pal
Ms. Preeti Batham
Ms. Neerja Dubey
Mrs. Rajni Munda (special need teacher and counsellor)

In addition to above we have a large team (approximately 650 as of now) of overseas experts as volunteers inclusive of Doctors (Specialists and consultants in all disciplines), nurses, technicians including Speech therapists, physiotherapists, Audiologists, Paramedics, Medical physics etc.

Social workers, Carers for disabled children and for children with profound learning disabilities, mental illness etc.

Teachers and Educationists.
Teachers for children with special needs, teachers for children with learning disabilities (mild as well profound)
Play Specialists for nursery, school, hospital and orphanage for disabled children.
and this number of volunteer experts from U.K., U.S.A., U.A.E., Australia, France,Sweden and other countries keeps increasing every day.

Contact for further details or querries-
Dr.B.K.Sharma or Mr.Brijendra Dwivedi (or respective member of the management committee I/C for respective programme),
Gwalior Childrens Hospital Campus,
Opposite Jhansi Road Police Station,
Gwalior- 474009 M.P. India.
Tel.+91 (0)751 2322191 or 2410440 and 2435537(Residence)
2435819(Mr.R.K.Sharma res.)
2324255 (Mr.B.Dwivedi res.) Fax. +91 (0) 751 2329455
Email: or

Dr. B.K.Sharma or Mr. Sanjay Joshi,
Snehalaya- the Home with Love,
16 KM Stone, Jhansi Road,
Village Sikroda, Distt. Gwalior,
Pin- 475 001 (M.P.), India.
Tel. +91 9425113822 and 09981178987


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