Emergency Appeal for the Hospice for The Children with HIV

Dr. Sharma: "During my last visit to India in February this year, I came across this pretty little four-year old girl, who had been abandoned. She was found in a moribund state, gasping and close to death, when brought to the Mercy home. Hence she had to be hospitalized and was treated successfully. During investigations, she was found to be HIV positive."

"She is a happy, normal child now, living a second life, but children such as this have created a dilemma for us: she is a risk to other children, are other children suffering the same illness? Should we treat her with costly medications for HIV at the cost of care of other children due to scarcity of funds with us? Children in Mercy Home (Only place run by Govt. to dump everyone there) are at risk as they do not or cannot understand the problems nor protect themselves, as many of them have profound learning disabilities or mental illness. But we have no suitable place available for such children with HIV, the government is not interested, and there is no other place in the region where they can be cared for."

Child with HIV
Child with HIV

Child with HIV and our volunteer
Child with HIV and our volunteer

"A hospice for such children is needed urgently, as I fear that if we don't take action ourselves, the infection will spread, leading to a potential disaster. The obvious answer is a special hospice for such children, but once again, money is the problem. At the moment, little Radha lives in the children's hospital, and is provided with normal care and education through the Sunrise International School."

"We intend testing all children for HIV/AIDS; if more are found, they will have to be moved to the hospital as well. And with each child tested positive, our problem grows that much more urgent."

Since opening of Snehalaya- the home with love, on 23rd Aug.06, our hospice has been merged into Snehalaya, where all children live together as a family enjoying normal childhood undergoing education, care and treatment without any discrimination or isolation as required. Unfortunately Radha, our angel developed resistance to first line ARV drugs and she is now on second line of ART since Nov.06. We incur expense of £125 per month for her medicines and monitoring tests but we are happy that she continues to live a normal life like any other child undergoing education in Sunrise School and treatment as required.  

Though thought for long time but we were able to start the help line and ICTC (integrated counselling and treatment centre) with video conference facilities now only from 1st Dec.07, the world Aids Day, whereby services are available all 24 hours a day by our more than 450 experts from different places in India and abroad for any medical or health problems in general and for HIV/AIDS related issues in specific.  Please help us for continuing to provide these services to these people in this region as well the hospice care to the Orphan children like Radha within Snehalaya by your donations or raising funds. Remember that she is not the only one in urgent need of a safe heaven to live, where the danger of infection is controlled as much as possible. Radha was probably abandoned by her parents because it was discovered she had HIV; but Radha will not be the last."

"Please help us now to help us those in need and to take further steps to prepare for those who will come to us in the future as well create awareness for prevention as much possible. £20 per month will provide the treatment for HIV affected child. Please "donate" now to sponsor treatment for "Radha" or similar other HIV positive children or adults and help us in this work as much possible. Thanks."

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